CG Construction has built a reputation for delivering excellent quality in the construction of luxury houses and various other projects. We were established in 2004 and we pride ourselves in our commitment to our employees, safety, and our longstanding client relationships built through many years of outstanding quality and integrity.

CG Construction offers a comprehensive service with expertise in budgeting, project scheduling, building laws & regulations and ultimate customer satisfaction. We are always committed to a high standard of performance to meet the expectations of our clients within a framework of trust, responsibility and reliability.

Building is one of humankind’s most ancient pursuits and Johann Lemmer boasts a pround track record of building projects across the full spectrum of the building industry with focused, proactive and experienced teams geared up to take on a variety of bespoke , unusual and technically complex projects.

Wood Steel Stone is committed to collaborative partnerships that creates shared value for our stakeholders, by delivering innovative projects within budget and on time – always exceeding clients expectations.






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